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IT Services

We provide a wide range of IT services. These include:

Computer Repair
Experienced Technicians can diagnose and repair all Computer problems, both Hardware and Software related.

$45.00 per Hour

Network Support
We can design, install and maintain Networks for Small Businesses. Our Experienced Technicians are all trained by Cisco Systems.

$45.00 - 60.00 Per Hour

We can archive paper documents onto hard drives or Optical Media (CD's). Reduces storage requirements for Businesses that are required to maintain files for extended periods of time.

$0.03 - 0.10 per Page; Depending on the material and method of storage. Call for detailed estimate.

Data Entry
Experienced Data Entry Clerks will input large amount of data into Databases for easy retrieval whenever the data is needed.

$30.00 per Hour

Custom Programming
Experienced Programmers can develop and deploy specialized applications that are customized to fit your specific business needs.

$70.00 per Hour

Data Center Cleaning
Experienced personnel capable of performing a deep cleaning of data centers. We can clean all areas of the data center equipment, under false floors and duct work using filtered cleaning equipment to prevent dust from re-entering the equipment and spaces.

Pricing will vary - Call for an Estimate